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Website Migration

We've migrated our website to wordpress (same domain). Is there anything we need to do in Marketo to ensure we are receiving all necessary data for Sales Insights, SEO, etc.

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Re: Website Migration

Hi Amy,

Nothing special to be done.

Just run the following test to make sure that your munchkin code works correctly :

  1. Clean all cookies on you browser.
  2. Navigate to your web site, note the pages you go to
  3. navigate to a Marketo landing page.
  4. Fill out a Marketo form preferably with info that will create a new lead (a new email address)
  5. go to marketo, lead database, and search for the lead you just created
  6. check in the activity log that all the page you navigated to and all the clicks you made are there


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Re: Website Migration

Opening an Incognito/Private window is less destructive than deleting all cookies for all sites, though...

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Re: Website Migration

Right 🙂

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Re: Website Migration

DEFINITELY make sure you add your muchkin code to your new website! Otherwise you won't see any analytics.