Visits Webpage ... multiple days?

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Visits Webpage ... multiple days?

Is there a way to create a trigger for Visits Web Pages with the constraints being visits over multiple days?

I've used the Min. Number of Times and after looking through the activity logs it's really just not working how I'd like.

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Re: Visits Webpage ... multiple days?

Hi John,

Could you use the Minimum Number of Times constraint along with the Date Of Activity constraint, and have it be > in past 3 days (or 4 or whatever number)?

Or is there something more you are trying to filter for?


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Re: Visits Webpage ... multiple days?

So you're saying multiple filters? Over and over every few days?

For example,

Visits web page 2>, Jan 1-4

Visits web page 2>, Jan 5-7

Visits web page 2>, Jan 8-11

Is that what you meant? Seems a bit tedious.

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Re: Visits Webpage ... multiple days?

So you want to know if someone keeps coming back over several days, right? I did something like this with score deflation and it is tedious to setup.

The simplest option is what John said...the drawback is that it could show 5 visits on Day 1 and none on Days 2 and 3.

Then you could try John W's suggestion to use multiple filters (green) to ensure that you cover overlapping date ranges or past dates (John C):

What you may need is a set of smart lists and a batch campaign, with each smart list covering one of the days involved.

Leads who visited Today, and who visited Yesterday

Leads who visited in Past X Days, but who did NOT Visit In Past Y days (or Yesterday or Today)

So you end up with a lot of crazy lists, then you have to combine them all for the batch to say the lead must be a member of ALL lists to qualify. I'd be real careful about doing this because it will cause a lot of thinking on Marketo's part....and might time out.

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Re: Visits Webpage ... multiple days?

Too busy to do this myself, but if there are any other developers out there, think Token Bucket / 5 Date Fields as expressed in a Marketo SL.  I think this can be done elegantly if someone wants to be a hero.

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Re: Visits Webpage ... multiple days?

I did this and used this in my smart list:

Visits Web Page is any

Date of Activity:  In Timeframe; Last Week M F

Min Num. of Times:  3

Works great for us...