Virtual Event Using Marketo

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Virtual Event Using Marketo


My organization is running a virtual event in September and I think we can leverage Marketo to do most of the logistics. In essence, we'll encourage prospects to sign up for a day of learning about our solution and they will initially register using a Marketo form. But, I need a way for them to come back and "log in" to access the content on that day and after as on-demand sessions. Is there a way to do this? Is there a sure fire hack?

My initial thought was to use progressive profiling, which I think will allow me to let registrants hit a "GO" button once they have filled out the initial form (similar to unlocking a gated guide). Am I on the right track?

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Re: Virtual Event Using Marketo

Hi Nick,

Progressive profiling will not allow you to hide/unhide a button. You may need to use so JavaScript to do this instead.

As you need to control the date/time at which the content becomes visible, I would rather use 2 landing pages:

  • The first one would display on a URL until the morning of the day.
  • On that day, I would switch the URL to another LP with all the content.

And I would communicate the URL through multiple reminder emails.

It would be easier if this idea was implemented:


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Re: Virtual Event Using Marketo

and keep the URL hidden using noindex, nofollow to ensure random people can't find it.

But if you really want a portal or something, you should speak with your web team and not host it on marketo.

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Re: Virtual Event Using Marketo

Maybe you were thinking of the Known Lead HTML feature, not ProgPro.

Provided the lead is using the same browser that they used for initial signup -- what "known" means here is Is there a lead already associated in this browser? --  enabling KL HTML allows you to un-gate or re-gate people who are already known.  So the entirety of KL HTML can be a big button to go straight to your on-demand content after the session, and that button could be enabled/disabled using a quick JavaScript date check against a {{my.OnDemandReleaseDate}} token.  However... there's a big gotcha in that KL HTML doesn't care which form the lead filled out, just that they filled out a form. So you would also have to set a flag indicating they've fill out that particular form and take some other JS actions if not, at which point using KL HTML isn't worth it.

Easier than trying to exploit KL HTML would be to include a hidden field indicating they've signed up for that particular event. Then in the form's whenReady listener, you can check if that field is filled in. If it is, swap out the whole of the form HTML for your button, or if the on-demand date hasn't passed, give them a third state "On-demand sessions are still being prepared."

But like Josh said, Marketo forms aren't meant to handle anything we'd call a "login."  Anyone can impersonate a lead just by entering their email address, so you're really talking about zero-factor security.