Re: Velocity Token Value pull in

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Re: Velocity Token Value pull in

Got it, thanks!

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Re: Velocity Token Value pull in

Hi @Jo_Pitts1 

this is pretty cool stuff. And it worked mostly when I was testing it. 

What did not work for me was to request the title with 




Instead I had to use something like this.


#set( $aEventTitle = $allEventDetails[$lead.hUGEventChoice]['title']) 


Is there anything I have to hold an eye on so I can use simply ${aEvent.title}?

Unfortunatly I was not able to get the JSON from a lead field. I assume the lead field delivers the JSON as string which is why I can't just lookup the key. Is this correct? 

Is there maybe some function like:


#set( $allEventDetails = convert.toObject($lead.allEventDetails))


Or is there another way I can get the mapping list out of a lead field? 

Kind regards