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I have a landing page which is used in my paid and social campaigns. The landing page is just like a website where the user can go through the offerings and if interested, they can click on contact us CTA which will be redirected to a form.

I am doing a Facebook campaign and I have included all the required utm's like source, campaign, medium in the link on the facebook. When the contact clicks the cta in FB the link contains all the utm parameters. However, when the user clicks on the cta for contact us form, the utm's are not collected and as a result I am unable to attribute the leads to my campaigs.

Wanted to know, if there's any way to carry forward the utm parameters to all the links in the page and collect all the information. Any help is highly appreciated.

PS: I have added UTMs as URL Parameters in the form.

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Re: UTM's

This is javascript. There are threads related to this topic.

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