Using Velocity Script Tokens Inside Snippets?

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Using Velocity Script Tokens Inside Snippets?

Hi Everyone,

Working through creating snippets for most of our nurture campaign content so that our team can update content in one place and have it cascade out to any nurture campaign using a specific asset, but a lot of our emails utilize Velocity Script Tokens ( globally used {{my.tokens}} ) to show specific contact info based on their lead status.

My testing seems to indicate that the tokens render properly (the snippet content is static, not dynamic), but can anyone confirm this is the case? I could split out any of the token pieces of the emails into separate editable sections of the email asset, but that would be a lot more work to maintain. If the tokens will work inside the snippets I'm good to go.


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Re: Using Velocity Script Tokens Inside Snippets?

You're unlikely to get official confirmation that this particular nesting is supported but if it works for you, it works!  Some instances have slightly different Velocity capabilities but the same instance is reliable over time.