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Using Master Gated Contact Forms

I want to create a single form to use for each of my gated content pieces, which are in the form of web pages (not downloadable PDFs). I am embedding this form on my website (not using Marketo landing pages) and want to ensure that the person is directed to the correct piece of content upon form submission. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

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Re: Using Master Gated Contact Forms

There are a few different methods, from the code-free to the heavily dynamic and JS-driven, but the easiest is to have a hidden field on the form that specifies the corresponding content (the field could be Auto-Filled from a query param, or via addHiddenFields()).

Then in Form Editor, use Add Choice for the Thank You URL to select a different URL based on the value of that hidden field.

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Re: Using Master Gated Contact Forms

we just use the on:click javascript on each page and let IT determine where to take the lead (we manage that through WordPress)