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URL update

Hi All,

We have recently modified the layout of our unsubscribe landing page in marketo, I now need to deploy it. The issue is that the new unsubscribe landing page has a different URL than the old one (we cant use the same URL twice).

I don't want to go to all the emails and update the URL manually as we then need to manually go on all the emails and check, if the unsubscribe URL is working or not and is quite cumbersome.

I do not want to change the new URL name to the old one and vice versa.

I think the best way is to set up a redirect on the old URL to redirect to the new one, this will ensure that new LP is used without any issue. But I'm not sure if its the best practice.

Can anyone help me with what is the ideal or best practice? or how you all go about it?

Thanks, Addy

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Re: URL update

Yes, a redirect is your only option if you haven't tokenized the URL. (And also if you want to catch any stragglers from old emails.)