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Upload new Field to Person Record


I am looking to send out the last 4 digits of a persons policy number via text. Unfortunately in order to do this I needed to use Velocity Scripting to cut the policy number to 4 digits and text messaging does not support Velocity Scripting.

I am looking to pull all of our contacts policy numbers in a CSV, delimit the policy number in excel to the last 4 numbers and then reupload the CSV to a new field I created on the person object titled "Last 4 digits". However when I am uploading this list based on a persons email, it is creating a new contact and not updating the current contact that is we already have in the database. Is this possible?



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Re: Upload new Field to Person Record

List imports de-dupe based on email by default unless you configured a custom de-dupe rule. Custom de-dupe rules allow to de-dupe based on email address + another field. If you have this setup you would need to include both email address and that other field in your imports in order for de-dupe to work correctly. 

If you have not configured a custom de-dupe rule and are seeing this behavior you should create a support ticket for investigation. 

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Re: Upload new Field to Person Record

As Tracey mentions, if you don't have a compound dedupe rule (which you would have to have requested from Support) then surely there is something wrong with your CSV format, perhaps an extra control character or whitespace.