Update tokens across entire instance

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Update tokens across entire instance

We have recently changed our CRM to Salesforce. We had been using custom fields for nearly everything, but have now started using Salesforce system and standard fields. My big issue is updating tokens. I am referencing a custom field {{Salesperson}} for hundreds of nurture campaign emails that now need to reference 2 separate fields that I have had to create tokens for. {{Sales Owner First Name}} {{Sales Owner Last Name}}. And the same goes for the sales owner email and phone number.

Before I set out to change all these emails one at a time, does anyone know of a way to replace in bulk? Preferably a solution that doesn't require developer experience?

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Re: Update tokens across entire instance

Hi Nicol,

You are facing the very big pain of having to replace one field by another accross the whole instance after sync'ing with the CRM.

This is a very painful process though which I, my team and my customers have been going multiple times and there is no way to make it easy, unless to use the new asset API, extract all assets, search and replace outside of Marketo and reload through the API.



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Re: Update tokens across entire instance

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