Loop Issue with SFDC

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Loop Issue with SFDC

According to our SFDC folks, there is a rule about only the first letter being capitalized in SFDC. But if Marketo (for example) has something different in the name field then SF DC (like all caps) there will be an update war between the two applications

Mary jo (first name) Li (last) name in SFDC
Mary Jo (first name) Li (last) name in Marketo
will go back and forth updating (as they consider them different)

Anyone else experience this, and how did you resolve it?

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Re: Loop Issue with SFDC

Hey Karen,

Is that a custom rule for your business?

I am seeing records in SFDC with the first name not capitalized.

According to the docs, SFDC should win if there is a conflict.

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Re: Loop Issue with SFDC

Hi Karen,

There is not such built-in rule in SFDC, so this is something that has been specificly in your org.

Furthermore, this is probably a workflow that does this in SFDC.

Also, in Marketo, there is not reason why it should change back to the previous values unless your are invoking a webhook or a mechanism, on a data value change trigger.

What you can do is prevent the trigger from firing in Marketo with a "source" constraint: