Unsubscribe Landing Page Options

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Unsubscribe Landing Page Options

Hi everyone,

I am looking to add the element of choice to our "unsubscribe" landing page and be able to track the responses. For example something like this:

We're sad to see you go, are you leaving because:

a. The emails are too frequent

b. The content isn't relevant for me

c. I no longer work in the industry

Is this possible, and if so, how can I create and implement this?



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Re: Unsubscribe Landing Page Options

Hi Charlotte -

This can definitely be done! You'll need to create the applicable fields and insert them into a form. Place that form on your unsubscribe landing page, and voila!

I hope this helps!


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Re: Unsubscribe Landing Page Options

Like Eric says, create a field (call it LastOptOutReason or similar) and it to the form as radio buttons. But also check with your legal team about requiring any additional action on the user's part to unsubscribe. You may not be able to require a button to be selected before processing the form (so blank/not specified is the default value in Marketo).

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Re: Unsubscribe Landing Page Options

Correct, you may not "force" someone to fill in the survey question. So it cannot be required.

And check with legal.