Lead Source usage

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Lead Source usage

Hello Mkto Community,

I inherited a Marketo instance that is using Lead Source for the unique name of each Campaign.  This runs into a lot of problems, for reporting by Lead Source, for syncing with SFDC, since Lead Source is a standardized picklist field, expecting a limited set of picklist choices, and our company is adding a new picklist option each time they add a campaign, which as you can imagine, is a lot.  Each of these additions to SFDC's Lead Source field, causes Marketo to send out a sort of warning, since the Picklist has changed to ensure the Marketo is in sync, but the reality is that this is how we have implemented it. I am in the process of building a case to change this, and I believe we are very much there.  I would like to hear from all of you how you have implemented Lead Source in both Salesforce (or any CRM) and Marketo, just to hear and understand best practices being implemented out there.   Thanks

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Re: Lead Source usage

I use Lead Source for generic terms: 'web', "newsletter", "utm_source=", etc.. I hate the idea of anyone creating lead source manually. Also, once it's set, it can't be changed.

I use Lead Source Details for an easy to read version of my program name - "my.City - my.Event" or "my.Newsletter Name" etc.. Again, once it is set, it can't be changed.

(obviously it CAN be changed, it just isn't).

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Re: Lead Source usage

Please look at my articles on this

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I also did a webinar with BrightFunnel this week that offers more details.