Trigger Emails from Form Submissions

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Trigger Emails from Form Submissions

Is there a way for Marketo to automatically add one of the registrants contact details into the trigger email?


Situation: I have built a form for registrants to fill in, and one of the section includes their guardian/parent's contact details. In this case, I want the trigger email to refer to that particular guardian's name, and not the registrant.


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Re: Trigger Emails from Form Submissions

You can include any lead field as a {{lead.token}}, yes.  So since those contact details must be other fields on the lead, they'll have their own token.

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Re: Trigger Emails from Form Submissions

Hi JC1,


To simply use the guardian/parent's contact details, you need to include those fields in the email as a token. So using any field as a token you just need to replace the Field Name with the Token in this {{lead.Token}}. For example, the field Name which is capturing the guardian/parent's contact details is "Guardian/Parent's Name". Then you can use this {{lead.Guardian/Parent's Name}} in the email and the things will work.


Hope it solves out your concerns.