Transactional Emails

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Transactional Emails

Does anyone know a workaround for transactional emails recording opens per send? I was told by Marketo that it will only record email sent and delivered on transactional emails but for opens/clicks it only records one time per unique record. We send out a lot of transactional emails with the sent/delivered being recorded to one record in marketo that keeps track, we are trying to get opens recorded as well but apparently it limits to one per email asset.


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Re: Transactional Emails

You mean Operational Emails?


Do you have more info on your situation as this doesn't sound right to me.


Marketo always records each Open and Click, however, it will tend to show Unique opens on the EPR, while on the smart list you could say "show me people who opened 3x in a day".


Why is this useful to you?

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Re: Transactional Emails

Opens are only logged once, though. So that part is right. Clicks are logged for every end-user activity.