Re: Tradeshow Program containing local email assets

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Tradeshow Program containing local email assets

I'd like to create an Event campaign for a tradeshow and sync it to Salesforce, but I'd like to create sub-programs such as pre and post event Email nurture programs. This brings me to my 2 questions.

1. Can I create 1 event program and import lead nurturing programs as a local asset under that program?

2. Can I create 1 event program that syncs to 1 Salesforce Campaign? It looks like I'm limited to only have single email programs within my event program, which isn't practical for lead nurturing pre and post tradeshow and If I have to create multiple programs to execute my tradeshow marketing initiatives, can I link multiple programs in Marketo to the same campaign in Saleforce, or do I also have to create multiple campaigns in Salesforce?

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Re: Tradeshow Program containing local email assets

Hi Julie,

I'd recommend you to create 1 event program and sync the same to the SFDC campaign and not have the pre and post event email nurture under the same program but keep it separately. Having said that, you can create different progressions under the same program to send pre and post event emails and this is very easily trackable in SFDC.

Let me explain this with an example:

Arrowpointe Tradeshow event

  • Send nurture email 1  (July 1)
  • Send nurture email 2 (July 7)
  • Send actual invite (July 11)
  • Send reminder email (July 15)
  • Event takes place on July 16
  • Send thank you email (July 17)

All these above sends are treated separately in Marketo and you can track individual leads and have a single SFDC campaign for all the sync. Hope this helps. Let me know.



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Re: Tradeshow Program containing local email assets

This depends if you really want to link every touch to an SFDC Program.

A simpler way is:

  • Event Program==SFDC Campaign
    • Invitation Email as regular email and smart campaign
    • other event emails.
    • post event - push to nurture
  • Nurturing Flow
    • run engagement nurtures or program nurture.
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Re: Tradeshow Program containing local email assets

Hi Josh,

If I have my pre-show campaigns as an email blast with form in  email, can I then make the show campaigns (booth visits/demos) in events/tradeshow? Syncing to SFDC is a nightmare when there are multiple preshow emails and demo requests/booth visits. It seems they end up all being attributed to the show but where the actual touch occurs it gets muddied. I envision the parent campaign being the tradeshow with the last touch being the most current communication. I am searching for a best practice to engage for proper success metrics.