Switching leads between engagement programs with a twist

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Switching leads between engagement programs with a twist

Here's the basic outline of what I'm doing: I am setting up separate engagement programs per use case for our business, each with two streams. Within the emails in these streams, the content is already segmented on a different value and not their particular use case.

What I want to do is be able to trigger a lead to move from Use Case A engagement program to Use Case B engagement program based on a field. However, the email content in these emails is almost identical across the programs, with slight changes to fit each one -- but still close enough that if you received Email 1 for two of the programs, it'd be ovious they were the same.

So if a lead goes into the Use Case A program, receives two emails, then switches a field value that would trigger them to move to Use Case B program, how can I make sure they bypass the first two emails of that program?

The only method I can think of is to create programs outside of the engagement programs, named after each email (e.g. Email 1 program, Email 2 program), that would host that numbered email for all of the engagement programs. The trigger campaign that the engagement program would use would select the correct email based on their lead data.

Using this method, I assume that because the lead would become a member of the Email 1 program when they're in the Use Case A engagement program and that when going through the flow of the Use Case B engagement program, it would see they're already a member of the Email 1 program and bypass it.

Does this make sense / does this seem like the best method?
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Re: Switching leads between engagement programs with a twist

Why not keep the first two emails out of Stream B?

Or better yet, have 4 streams:

Stream A1
Stream B1

which have the desired order

Stream A2
Stream B2

that do not have the first two emails that are repeated.
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Re: Switching leads between engagement programs with a twist

The problem is that ALL of the emails are essentially repeated. My example wasn't very clear, but essentially it would need to work no matter if the lead is on the second email of the engagement program, or the 10th.

So because of that, there's no way to build out streams/programs for all of those conditions. Plus, we have six use cases (again, apologies for not being clear enough initially).