SPF/DKIM and text "mkto" display issue

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SPF/DKIM and text "mkto" display issue

Hi Community

We understand that GMAIL has functoinality that inspects email sent bia Marketo and displays a text "mkto" in an email header.

Is it possible to prevent this? I do not want recipients see this. Plus I think other MA products have the same problem.

Some people say it can be solved by configuring SPF/DKIM and others not...

Also some people advise it depend on where our instances locate on? It sounds so confusing...

Hopefully I could get advice from those who have in fact solved this problem.

p.s. I attach a photo for details.


Kind Regars,


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Re: SPF/DKIM and text "mkto" display issue

Please read my comments on this post: Re: Mailed By em-sj-77.mktomail.com - How to Fix?

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Re: SPF/DKIM and text "mkto" display issue

Generally yes, DKIM will solve this problem in Gmail.

As Sanford noted, there are other issues but in general, the top line "via mktomail.com" will go away once DKIM is properly Setup.

See docs.marketo.com or go to Admin > Email >DKIM and work with your IT team on this.