Re: Smart list to run list of 'true' marketable leads

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Smart list to run list of 'true' marketable leads

Hello, has anyone created a smart list to see the number of 'true' marketable leads in their database?

When I look on the database dashboard, the number of 'marketable leads' displaying doesn't match recent send campaigns (just as an example) indicating that Marketo may count duplicate emails into this end 'marketable' leads total.

Would love to hear anyone who has experience with this!

Thank you

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Re: Smart list to run list of 'true' marketable leads

Hey Ele,

The definition of this is inevitably going to vary from business to business, primarily in terms of what we define around the actual "opted in" meaning.

System speaking, "marketable leads" excludes any lead records where:

  • Marketing Suspended is true
  • Unsubscribed is true
  • Black listed is true
  • Has no email address
  • Has hard bounced

You'll notice the above includes no filters for details such as "opted in = true", nor any filter for duplicates - so yes, this would be included in the total.

If you're keen to better understand the difference between that number and the numbers in your recent send campaigns, you might need to delve into the campaign rules to see if any filters beyond these are being included - such as excluding duplicates (in most cases there should be additional filters, depending on your consent regulation environment, but also from a best practice perspective).

Personally, in addition to the above, I do look at duplicates (though more from an overarching awareness perspective than in specific send rules), plus custom opt out and opt in fields to define "marketable". I run an instance that looks across a few brands and countries, though, so have to factor in the definition of marketable from multiple viewpoints. For each send, there's then further database segmentation, but that's typically about defining targeting rather than marketability.

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Re: Smart list to run list of 'true' marketable leads

Just to piggyback on Grace's great description, lead records with the same Email values have to be included in the marketable leads total, because they are only treated as "duplicates" in the context of a single email send, not across sends for which only one record qualifies. All the leads are individually marketable.  They're also not considered duplicates in other non-email contexts.

For similar reasons, "marketable" has never been the best term for this counter: you can still "market" via webhook + SMS to a lead that can't receive email.

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Re: Smart list to run list of 'true' marketable leads

Thank you both, really helpful!