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Smart Campaign Membership


I'm trying to identify when leads became a member of a specific smart campaign. Is there a way to gauge this? I can't go off acquisition date as these campaigns are often not responsible for the acquisition.

Let me know any thoughts or questions.


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Re: Smart Campaign Membership

Unfortunately, the filter "member of smart campaign" does not have a constraint for the date the lead was added to the smart campaign. There are a few ideas you can vote for which include when a lead becomes a member of a smart campaign:

A workaround you can use is to look at the smart campaign's results tab, which will list all members of the smart campaign and their activities. That will not provide the same information of when the lead was added to the smart campaign because the results only list the dates that each lead committed a flow action. If the first step in the flow is not a wait step, then you can look at the very first activity each lead had and that will be the date they entered the smart campaign.

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Re: Smart Campaign Membership

Hi David,

It might help if we understood the goal of what you are trying to accomplish.  I'm sure there might be another way to get at the question you are trying to answer. 

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Re: Smart Campaign Membership

If you really need to capture the date when someone became a member of a specific smart campaign you can achieve this by doing the following:

1. Create a date type field in the admin

Screenshot at Nov 28 23-58-26.png

2. Add a Change data value flow step to your smart campaign and update the value of the field you created above with the following token {{}}, this will capture the exact date of when the lead ran through the flow

Screenshot at Nov 28 23-57-02.png

This solution is not very scalable and I would generally not recommend doing something like this unless you absolutely have to. I assume it is not the smart campaign membership itself that you are looking to date stamp, but something that either the smart campaign does to a lead or lead's action that triggers the smart campaign. As Jessica suggested let us know what it is you are trying to achieve, there are might be cleaner solutions for it.

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Re: Smart Campaign Membership

Or an Interesting Moment perhaps...