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Send Email - Default Choice Ignored

Hello All,

I'm trying to understand why the default choice in my smart campaign is completed ignored.


In the activity log of my contact, after a stream test, I see the Engagement Program Cast saying the person is in the choice 0 (it means 1), but the person I'm trying to test has NOT the end date in 4 weeks, nor the start date this month, so, it should receive the default choice but no email is sent.


Do you have any idea?


Marketo-Send-Email-1-Check-EDU-Pass-End-Date-Flow-•-Marketing-Activities (3).png
















Thanks in advance!

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Re: Send Email - Default Choice Ignored

What was the exact value of the End Date at the time you ran this test, and what day did you run the test?

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Re: Send Email - Default Choice Ignored


Here below the data of the 3 persons I tested in the stream, the test 2 is not receiving the email:


test1 Start 11/11/19 - Expiring 11/11/20 (In month 12 of the campaign)


test2 Start 3/11/20 - Expiring 3/11/21 (middle of the campaign)


test3 Start 11/01/21- Expiring 11/01/21 (In month 1 of the campaign)


Thanks in advance for your feedback!