Scoring Leads by Channel & Time Period

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Scoring Leads by Channel & Time Period

I want to be able to report my top 10% leads as relates to a particular channel in a particular timeframe.

For example, if I have channels A, B & C, I want to be able to say: "These people are our top 10% engaged with our Channel A material in the past 3 months."

So in effect, what I THINK I want (but am willing to take better suggestions) is a lead score that only counts actions within a defined time period and as pertains to a particular channel.

Does anyone have any guidance or best practices they can share with me on how to do this?

Thank you.

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Re: Scoring Leads by Channel & Time Period

Skipping over the constraints on a single score (for the moment), it seems like the hotspot in your question is getting the 90th percentile of scores across a range of leads. Is that indeed what you are trying to extract?

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Re: Scoring Leads by Channel & Time Period

As Sanford suggests, this might be a fairly complex question to run in Marketo.

Sales Insight lets you adjust this threshold in Admin > MSI. But that's more about flames/stars in SFDC, than a real threshold. And since you want this to be a rolling 3 months, how do you determine this?

  • Get a predictive vendor tool
  • do an extract and analysis on behaviors and score those within a 90 day period, using an Inactivity batch to lower the score after 90 days of inactivity (not really aligned to your desires those, but closer).
    • but that data analysis would get you an idea of the 10% of most active and model them.
    • you'd need a regular review.

I wouldn't look at Channel as much as which behaviors lead to MQL or SQL.