Save to calendar invitation

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Save to calendar invitation

I'm creating an invitation with a form on a landing page for a virtual event.  I want a calendar invite to be sent to people who RSVP once the click to submit the form.

Is this possible in Marketo and if so, how do I do it?

If not, what' the alternative to sending out a calendar invite in my invitation?

See photo of what I want them to see:

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Re: Save to calendar invitation

Please look at and look up ICS calendar. This is the ICS Calendar Token under My Tokens on your Program. Edit it and update your email.

The workflow is similar to;

  • Fills Out Form
  • Status=Registered
  • Send Email = Registered Confirmation
    • Email will contain {{my.ICS Calendar}} which turns into "Add to Calendar" link in the email. There are some threads on how to customize this.