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Salesforce Custom Object Sync

Hi there,

I have a Custom Object called 'Platform User' which sits off the Contact Object. This Custom Object contains a field which can either be switched on, Yes, or off, No. I see some examples where this data change seems to sync into Marketo, but some times when it doesn't.

Does the change to the Custom Object field have to trigger a change to the Modified Date on the Contact Object, or does that not make any difference? I would welcome some documentation on how these Custom Objects actually work. I can see an entry in the Person Activity Log when a connection is made between the Contact record and the Platform User record, and looking at the detail of the Activity Log entry is where Marketo tell me to see the Custom Object fields data. However, they also say that after the initial sync, any changes made to these fields will NOT be visible to me in Marketo, but WILL be stored somewhere, such that Smart Lists will pull the latest data field values correctly...however, until I know categorically how the sync is triggered I'm a bit stuck...

if it helps, I know that the Salesforce Contact records are not 'locked' by some field being required by any validation rules.

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Re: Salesforce Custom Object Sync

Does anyone have a better response to this question? I know it is an old one, but this question gets a lot of views and the linked resources don't address the question at all.


Any help is appreciated!

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Re: Salesforce Custom Object Sync

As this thread is 7 years old, please open a new thread in Products and describe your exact situation/observations.