Re: Sales Insight and Blocked Emails

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Sales Insight and Blocked Emails

I am training some sales reps to send emails using Sales Insight, & I am concerned about them emailing leads that have unsubscribed from our list.

When sending emails from Marketo, the Unsubscribed leads are blocked from the email flows.  Will that happen in Sales Insight too?

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Re: Sales Insight and Blocked Emails

Hi Cameron Maher​,

I would suggest you to mark these emails as transnational/Operational emails and then push them to sales insights as they will by Bypass Unsubscribe/Marketing Suspended.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Sales Insight and Blocked Emails

Hi Cameron

I was in the same position with my sales team and found the following by Raul Fonseca Employee really useful. "Emails sent via the Sales Insight plug-in are always regarded as normal emails, regardless if the email is Operational or not. Emails will NOT be sent if the email address is invalid, unsubscribed, Marketing Suspended or blacklisted. There will be no feedback to the end user if an email is blocked."

Check out the full article for further information.

How Does Marketo Decide Whether a Lead Should Receive Email or Not?

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Re: Sales Insight and Blocked Emails

Thanks so much, that's what I was looking for.

However, I was hoping it would also block from sending more than 1 email per 5 days to a lead/contact. I tested it and it seems like it is possible to send one person 2 emails back to back.

Is there a way to add that restriction? like, Don't send if recipient has received mail in last 5 days?