Re: Sales email cadence vs Marketing Nurture

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Sales email cadence vs Marketing Nurture

I'm curious to hear how others have handled making sure that people aren't bombarded by too many emails.  How do you control both from a process perspective and tools to control who gets what when, especially when sales is using toutapp, outreach, sales loft, etc.  How do you guys coordinate?

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Re: Sales email cadence vs Marketing Nurture

In the beginning we set processes and safe nets in place to ensure we were not over communicating with our people. Before any nurturing campaigns, newsletters, or sales emails were sent the Sales and Marketing teams sat down to create the approved number of touch points per individual per week and we settled on 3.

During our nurturing process (top of funnel) we created specific lead statuses that correlated with each department - so if a lead was in a nurturing status Sales would not communicate with the individual. However if the individual reached a new working status or sales changed them to a status the individual would automatically be removed from our marketing nurturing communications.  We took the same methods on the back end and created different stages for communications between the two departments.

The most important step we took though was to ensure all forms of communication would integrate into Salesforce our CRM system. From there we run activity reports to see how many times we have reached out to an individual and review these in our weekly funnel meetings. We also set perimeters and alerts that email the teams to let us know if we have gone over our limits of communication for the week.

Hope this helps!