RSS Feed on a Marketo Landing Page

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RSS Feed on a Marketo Landing Page



Looking to see if it is possible to have an RSS feed of our blog posts on a Marketo Landing Page. Not finding much on the community on this other than for emails dated back in 2013. Any updates?

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Re: RSS Feed on a Marketo Landing Page

A Marketo LP can bring in any external data you want (just like any web page!).


No, it can't bring in external data via the Marketo server (server-to-server communication). But it can certainly bring in data from the browser side, by fetching it from an external service.


But that external service needs to accept cross-origin requests (CORS). An RSS feed, like most services designed for non-browser contexts, typically doesn't by default. But it could easily be added, your web team just needs to add the HTTP header




to the feed response. (Where is your LP domain.) 


Then you can pull the data in and format it any which way you want.