Passing UTM Parameters through multiple sources

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Passing UTM Parameters through multiple sources

Hoping someone can help.  This is the problem I am trying to solve:  We are using a Third Party platform (Folloze)  to deliver content to our customers and leads.  We drive customers there from multiple sources.  Marketo Email nurture, Paid Social (linkedin) and Twitter.  Once they are on the Folloze page they have the option to click a contact us button which is a link to a Marketo landing page.  My issue is that I am losing the attribution back to the original source of the form fill.  We use utm parameters but they are lost once click the contact us button.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Passing UTM Parameters through multiple sources

By default, as long as both the Folloze page and your Marketo LP are running over SSL (https://)  then the UTMs of the directly previous page wouldn't be lost. The UTMs will be present in the Referrer.


Folloze could have deliberately turned off this functionality, as browsers allow a source site to hide its query string from the next page. But you can easily look for the data in the Referrer to see.