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Results tab empty


In all smart campaigns I've run in the last week or so the Results tab is empty.

These are campaigns to send email invites for example, normally in the results I could see the emails sent, delivered, opened, etc. but now I can't see anything. Even in the ones I sent before that tab is now empty.

I've created some Email Performance reports and I can see that the email was sent and people are clicking, etc., so it is not a problem with my campaigns not being run.

Is there any problem/bug that I'm not aware of?


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Re: Results tab empty


1. You changed your view on that tab to something else where there are no results. Check the upper left corner of that window.

2. Nothing happened at all - check your Summary tab count or Run History.

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Re: Results tab empty

Irene Garcia​ - This is something we faced as well, last week. However, as Josh mentions, nothing happened. It just took a while to appear.