Reporting on "plan on attending" field

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Reporting on "plan on attending" field

Hey all,

We are creating a field called "Plan on Attending" for our webinar programs. This will be on the RSVP form, a checkbox/boolean field.

This is because we are encouraging prospects and customers to register, even if they don't plan on attending, since we will send the recording after.

I want to run a report at the end of the year to see how many people per webinar are choosing this option. (Boolean).

I'm thinking that the solution to this involves program statuses and/or sfdc campaign member statuses.

What is the best way to build this?


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Re: Reporting on "plan on attending" field

Since one person can plan to attend many webinars, program status is a viable solution (rather than a field on a lead).  If someone checks that box, add to the program with a "Planning to Attend" status.  People that attend the webinar or watch the recording would be moved to the corresponding statuses for those activities.  Your end of year reports can report on how many people are still in the "Planning to Attend" status for each of your webinar programs.

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Re: Reporting on "plan on attending" field

Thanks Steven.

Would I need multiple "plan on attending statuses" ?


Attended - Plan on Attending

No Show - Plan on Attending

Watched On-Demand - Plan on Attending

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Re: Reporting on "plan on attending" field

Darrell - I would create a single status of "plan on attending", along with attended, no show, watched on-demand.  Obviously, the lead will progress to these later statuses the day of/after the event, but you'll still be able to report on the number of people that had this status at one point.

Since this is an RSVP - and you know who the user is - are you making this as simple as possible for someone to RSVP?  Meaning a link to a page that confirms their name; and then three radio buttons: plan on attending, yes I will attend, and unable to attend?