Render SFDC User Picture

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Render SFDC User Picture

I'm looking for a feature or option to render the User profile picture as a token in Marketo.  Has anyone accomplish this feature without loading images to Marketo?

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Re: Render SFDC User Picture

If you could get the link to the picture to be stored in a field in Salesforce (or at least the unique part of that link that points directly to the picture), then you could render that through a token. But you would somehow/somewhere need to have that stored in a field for it to be usable in a token.

Also, the field would need to be on the lead/Contact, not the user. Marketo doesn't have salesforce user object tokens.

I've seen this done by storing all the pictures of your sales reps on a server somewhere, with very strict naming conventions like, then using tokens like{[lead.First name}}{{lead.Last Name}}.jpg to create the image link, which renders the image.