Renaming a Channel

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Renaming a Channel

I would like to rename a Channel for reporting purposes in Marketo. This channel is currently in use by multiple programs,and these programs are synced to SFDC. Will everything auto update in both Marketo and SFDC with no issues, or are there any issues that may arise? For example, would I need to resync these programs to SFDC once the Channel name is updated?

By doing this, in SFDC, would the Member Status Updated and Member First Associated dates listed in the Campaign History change to the day that we resync the campaign? Anything else to consider when this is updated?

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Re: Renaming a Channel

Renaming a channel is just a label - it shouldn't have any issues. Renaming or changing program statuses (progression steps) would be more likely to cause you issues. If you are leaving those alone, I have never had an issue with this.