Real-time personalization with Marketo

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Real-time personalization with Marketo

I'm interested in RTP but I'm unsure how to get started.  My organization uses Marketo and I was unaware that RTP existed. From searching around the web it seems as if RTP is a separate product that we need to buy. Is that correct?  Is there a simple way to determine cost?

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Re: Real-time personalization with Marketo

Yes, it is an add on. You can ask your account manager about pricing.

The docs are available on You really need to coordinate with your website owner before moving forward.

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Re: Real-time personalization with Marketo

Hi Eddie,

I just went through an RTP installation and there are a few resources which were super helpful. 

Introducing The Definitive Guide to Web Personalization

There are a lot of possibilities of what you can do but start simple.  ID your goal, your target audience, your offer or asset, in a simple dialog box campaign.

A simple geo based campaign promoting one time events or webinars are easy low hanging fruit campaigns. 

You can also target a set account list.

Add on retargeting and predictive later. 

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Re: Real-time personalization with Marketo

If you are going to get RTP, the best thing to know about it is to start small and think big, it's a great add on to Marketo, but some of it's terminologies are different to normal Marketo Lead Management terminologies, which means reading the documentation is important. Also note, out of the box they have set segmentations, i.e. Industry is what Marketo considers as industries: segment-industries.png

Marketo do a great demo of this product but when you get down to deploying it for your business, it's not just as simple, i.e. they demo things like: If a web visitor comes to your Website from New York, then RTP can serve them up a banner for an event in New York, but in the real world I'd like to target people in Banking with a White paper, out of the box, I can only do Financial Services, to customise it how I'd like takes takes a lot of work in RTP and I'm still working on that.

If you have segmentation set out in Marketo Lead Management, you'll have to convert this data to a field so that RTP can read it, they sometimes don't just work hand in hand. Also note your Marketo Subscription will depend on how many campaigns you can have in RTP, the most basic subscription is limited to only 30 active campaigns (a campaign is the name for an RTP website deployment), I'd ask this question when researching, adding more campaigns would need me to increase my subscription.