Random Sample Less Than 1

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Re: Random Sample Less Than 1

Not entirely clear to me either, but it seems like the idea is to send an alert when the Campaign has gone out, i.e. the mythical concept of an program/campaign-level (as opposed to person-level) alert.


The closest you can get to that is creating a Resource Person — a person dedicated to a particular program/campaign, who is guaranteed to qualify — and then having a trigger constrained by that person. Certainly that makes more sense then trying to select one random actual person.

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Re: Random Sample Less Than 1

Maybe that's the case... but I still don't understand the use case... and I am properly caffeinated currently 🙂

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Re: Random Sample Less Than 1

I had to re-read the comment to get some idea around the exact use case. @lsimon talks about using 0.25% or 1 person which if I'm not wrong mean that the total population size of people who can receive the alert email is precisely 400. The random sample % would have to be changed every time there's change in the population size to ensure that only 1 person out of all the designated people receive the alert email. IMO, Sandy's idea  of doing this via a designated resource person per campaign/program is far better than going via the random sample approach!

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Re: Random Sample Less Than 1

That's always a good idea @Jo_Pitts1 !