Re: "Score was changed" smart list filter

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"Score was changed" smart list filter

Hi there,

We want to run a campaign to boost up the amount of people we have who are in "pre-MQL" stages --our MQL score threshold is 100, so this campaign will target people whose scores are between 65 and 99 -- so that we can see if we can get them to take some action and thus increase their score, hopefully crossing the threshold.

To do this, I am trying to create a smart list of people whose 1) person scores are between 65 and 99, and 2) whose person score was positively changed (increased) within the last 90 days. I don't have to worry about creating a filter for the "last 90 days" because the new Data Retention Policy only keeps this data for 90 days anyway. But I am having an issue trying to add the constraint of "score was positively changed".

So I have the following filters:

1) Person Score between 65 and 99.

2) Score Was Changed

Score Name = Person Score

Change = blank (because I don't know what to do)

Smart list filters.PNG

So, ideally I just need to add to the filter that the "change" in the score is a positive changed... I don't really care what number it is (if it increased by 1, or 2 or 20) I just care that it positively changed.




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Re: "Score was changed" smart list filter

Instead of using "Score was Changed", use "Data Value Changed" and add the constraint of "New Value" and choose "greater than" or "at least".  See if that does it for you.  Not sure it will, but this route is probably better in terms of what you're looking for.