Poor deliverability and dedicated IP

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Poor deliverability and dedicated IP

I'm wondering if anyone has had this same issue. We were sold on moving to a dedicated IP when renewing our last contract, especially since we send a large volume of emails. We were usually in the 85-90% deliverability range, but in the first month after our IP warming, we are closer to 50%. It's been a disaster. It feels like it just gets worse and worse. The suggestion was to buy one of their consulting packages to help. I feel like we've been somewhat nickel-and-dimed, and my company is NOT keen on spending more money to dig us out of a problem that didn't exist prior to this move we were sold on.

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Re: Poor deliverability and dedicated IP

Having the same issue!

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Re: Poor deliverability and dedicated IP

Hello @Nicol_Maurer ,

There is a rather involved process with Dedicated IPs.   I will give you some quick take aways here:


  • Making sure all your ducks are in a row around
    • I.e. (but not limited to). revisiting, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, bounce info,  
  • You can review possible spam listings here (replace with your sending domain):

  • Or look up by domain or IP
  • Setting up a "Warm up plan"
    • Start off small, and incrementally go up
    • Front load: Market to really engaged segments
  • Ramping up activity maintained
    • IP can go cold in as little as a week or two if no send data or very little compared to previous volumes.
    • Restart the warm up process if your IP went cold or you need to throttle up to higher volumes

Thank you,