Order Confirmations and Token limits

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Order Confirmations and Token limits

Hello community. 

I have run into a problem trying to implement an order confirmation in Marketo. 

We want to move our order confirmation email to Marketo, its currently in an old system which we are trying to phase out. 

The current email contains a lot of information, such as the payment name and address, the shipping name and address, and an order information table -   with 5 columns,  "product name, product description, quantity, price, and offer"
and a possible 25 rows of purchased products.

it came to 156 tokens!

obviously we since found out that there is a token limit, and we are having to think of a new way to send this information. 

there is some confusion on the token limit per email?
we have been told 20, and also 40.  can anyone confirm definitively? 

I have found it so hard to find information on token character limits and also exactly how many tokens i can use per email. 

are there any others out there in the community that are handling these types of emails?  how are you doing it?

should we rethink the content of the template entirely?

the other solution is to push the table date in a rich text field token, but we are just trying to get other ideas at this point and other views. 

any insight is really appreciated!!


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Re: Order Confirmations and Token limits

Hey Helen,

Do you currently have all of this information somewhere else, such as salesforce?

If so, I may recommend including only the necessary info for them to get in an alert and then have the SFDC link in the alert. This also encourages the use of the tool.

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Re: Order Confirmations and Token limits

If your system is that complex, then it might be worth using SFDC or another SFDC add on tool. I'm surprised Marketo can't handle that though.
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Re: Order Confirmations and Token limits

we are not using Salesforce. 

and unfortuantely Marketo can only handle 20 (or 40, i have read, but no clear answer)  tokens.  

the solution offfered is to use the rich text area to send 3 chunks of data via the API.

1 for the customers  shipping details
1 for the customers payment details
and for the order confirmation table.   

but it's not a very elegant solution?  so we were really looking for other ideas, or any way that someone was already doing this.  
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Re: Order Confirmations and Token limits

The limit is 40 tokens per email.  We offer Email Scripting utilizing Velocity Templates.  This may be an option for you as well.   See this article.
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Re: Order Confirmations and Token limits


There are roughtly two options to approach this: 
  • Rather than pushing 156 separate tokens, group them together, potentially even all in a single rich text token (as you already suggested); if you want to support plain text emails too, don't forget to push in a TXT token also (to be used in the text version only)
  • Push the order information into a Marketo Custom Object, then use Email Scripting to pull the information into the email. This also has the benefit that you have the order data available in Smart Lists for segmentation (you could send an email to people who haven't purchased in the past 6 months, but purchased in the past year
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Re: Order Confirmations and Token limits


I have a case where form will collect more then 15 values in different fields. Fields are not mandatory.
I wanted to send an order confirmation email with the item names and corresponding number of items to the end user. Can you help me with basic script it will pick up only the selected item names and number of items in the email?