Seeking Advice - Data Append Solution?

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Seeking Advice - Data Append Solution?

I'm looking for advice from the Marketo Community on recommendations for Data Providers. The pain point we're having is not having enough data on net new names to adequately demographic/firmographic score them. Our BDR team would also like to have a tool that allows them to prospect into accounts, develop target account lists, and bring net new names into Marketo/SFDC that are a good fit. The following is where my search has lead me:


Seems popular with the Marketo community. SmartForms seems cool. Not strong on providing data on installed technologies (data is supplied from Datanyze). No prospecting tool for our BDR team.


Strong on scraping the web for installed technologies. Reviews mention unreliable contact level data (might have gotten better recently). No Marketo integration, but they do integrate with SFDC and we have full bidirectional sync. No ability to normalize contact data that is typed incorrectly into forms. I'm not sure we need predictive, but if we do their predictive add-on is quite pricey, starting at an additional $15K annually and there can be consulting hours required on top of that.


I like that they use social to get up to date information on where people work and the positions they hold, but they seem quite weak/undeveloped on firmographics. Missing a bunch of data points that others have that are useful to us.


Still awaiting a more complete demo from them. Thus far the pros/cons seem identical to Datanyze?

D&B (NetProspex)

Strong on appending data, keeping it clean, etc. Besides using D&B data the rest seems to be a bit of a black box. Wont disclose data sources. Missing a couple features that other have like triggered sales alerts when new tech is installed. Pricing seems to be complex with additional feature tiers needed for every feature and data point.


Okay they aren't really a data append provider, but they can do that. They use lots of data points to determine who is a good fit to sell to and why. They are very transparent and tell you why their algorithm came up with that person as a good fit. They use marketo engagement data as well as bombora intent data which seems to make them unique. They make a good case for ditching Marketo demographic scoring and using their predictive model instead.

What do you use and why? How well does it work? Any feedback on these providers?

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Re: Seeking Advice - Data Append Solution?

Alot of this depends on what you need and can budget for.

What are your requirements?

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Re: Seeking Advice - Data Append Solution?

Thanks for Checking this out Josh! Based on the pricing I've received thus far, many of these are in the same bracket. $14K - $20K, which should be okay budget wise. In my view, I'd need to see a strong case for why we should spend any more than that.

I'm not sure I have a requirements list, except that I'd like to be able to more effectively qualify demand and provide our BDR team with a solid prospecting tool. All of the important data points we've identified can be supplied by SalesPredict, Datanyze, and DataFox. The differentiating factors with each of these platforms are immaterial to us based on what I've asked, but I admit I might not have thought of everything to ask. In other words I don't know what I don't know.

Hence reaching out. If someone has has experience with any of these and can shed light on key differences I might have missed, I love to hear about it. You also never know what you're getting into customer service and support wise until you start using the tool!

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Re: Seeking Advice - Data Append Solution?

Hey Chris,

Basically I think Josh nailed it when he asked you what your requirements are. I would try to define these in writing as clearly as you can. Here are some questions to ask yourself that may help.

What type of firmographic data points are you looking for?

Do you need contact-level data? Including email address?

Do you need a prospecting interface for sales?

How important is installed technology data?

Do you need lead to account mapping?

Do you want to data enrich only leads who come in through forms or also list uploads?

Are you dealing mostly with high-tech companies in North America or do you need strong rest-of-world data set across a variety of industries?

Do your target accounts have complex corporate hierarchies? If so do you need data only for the immediate company or also for parent companies further up the hierarchy?

For what it's worth I have worked directly with ReachForce and they have a strong data set. Especially if you are dealing with complex corporate hierarchies.

For something light-weight and API driven you can also check out Clearbit. Totally different animal but I think it's cool.

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Re: Seeking Advice - Data Append Solution?

It does depend on what you need but Discoverorg could be worth considering and they can integrate well into Marketo. See DiscoverOrg | Sales and Marketing Intelligence Solution.

We use them and find the data is strong for North America and OK for the UK but (currently) a little weaker for mainland Europe.