Opt-in Campaign for Emails (Third Party rental)

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Opt-in Campaign for Emails (Third Party rental)

Hi all, I would love to get your take on the following:

We have a 3rd party list list (substantial in size)...the problem is that given the large list size and it being really the first time we communicate to them, what we want to do is send them one email that tells them about our brand/message, but also with the goal of sending them to a marketo landing page of sorts where they can optin to our Marketo database and start receiving future emails from us (those that don't will not be emailed to in the future). I know there are some CANSPAM concerns with that, but:

Can we do this through Marketo? Would Marketo allow us to send a cold email?

If no, we have a secondary ESP that we could leverage to send the email out of, but we would still want to use a marketo form so that optins are integrated to the Marketo DB and to SFDC, the problem by using two separate platforms for 1) the email deployment and 2) the preference center/opt in page to capture their info, is that the potential contact that tries to optin would have to re-enter their email address and information (but we would like to have this information stored on the preference center /optin page given the possibility of the contact entering an email that is different from the one that was provided to us by the third party). Any recommendations on how to best create a solution for this?

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Re: Opt-in Campaign for Emails (Third Party rental)

One option is you could import the leads into Salesforce.

And then have the sales team gradually work through the leads by emailing them for a meeting as well as linking to some sort of landing page with an offer.

Not the fastest method, but you won't have to worry as much about marketo deliverability and spam complaints etc.

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Re: Opt-in Campaign for Emails (Third Party rental)

Check out my blog post on tracking non-Marketo sends: http://blog.teknkl.com/tracking-clicks-non-marketo-emails/

(And I do agree that you should not use Marketo to send unsolicited emails to a rented list, if you send at all. CAN-SPAM is the weakest of your worries; EU and CA law is mich stronger.)

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Re: Opt-in Campaign for Emails (Third Party rental)

And with the upcoming GDPR in the EU, you can simply and completely forget about doing this in Europe.