Re: On24 Good or Bad?

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On24 Good or Bad?

Does anyone have any good or bad to tell me about ON24?  We are currently using Readytalk but the ON24 rep just hit us up so wanting to know if it's better, worse, the same?

Ready talk is good.  I wish the polling questions and Q&A Chat were integrated though and the slides in Readytalk only allow one set to be added so there's the chance that slides could be overwritten by one person over another.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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Re: On24 Good or Bad?

I used GoToWebinar previously which integrates easily with Marketo (Launchpoint), has polling and Q&A chat as well as handouts and is a market leader.

Disclaimer: I worked for Citrix before on a different GoTo product, so I am biased

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Re: On24 Good or Bad?

I prefer GTW for all sorts of reasons.

It really depends on what you need and what the firm offers.Seems like RT and On24 are used for high volume events and other reasons. If that's a good fit, great.

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Re: On24 Good or Bad?

Hi Jennifer,

I also prefer GtW and I do not work for them

The Marketo integration works very well and is easy, the tool by itself is really easy to use and screen sharing feature works better than most, even when your network bandwidth is not that high.


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Re: On24 Good or Bad?

We also prefer GTW, but as Josh mentioned there might be specific reasons (normally very high registrant numbers) that you'd want to use ON24 or RT.

If you aren't aware, Marketo's integration with GTW allows you to pass several key pieces of information (not survey/Q&A information, unfortunately) between the systems without doing much extra work at all. Here's some info about the integration.

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Re: On24 Good or Bad?

We are getting ready to deploy ON24.  I like the integration aspects of it. 

We also have RT for internal meetings, not a huge fan as it's slow, and requires a cumbersome app.

I have also used Cisco, GtW, (LogMeIn) and others.

I like the full flexibility that ON24 has to offer!

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Re: On24 Good or Bad?

Hello Geoff

Have you seen by any chance a feature analysis document between GTW and On24?

We use GTW but we are thinking of moving to ON24. The main reason is that we want to be able to also to Webcasting as opposed to webinars. Citrix has GoToWebcast but the sync is one way only with Marketo and it is not fully supported. So instead of having GTW for webinars and ON24 for webcasting, we are think of just using ON24 for everything.

My experience with GTW is a mixed one. We  have seen issues such as credentials being lost between Marketo and Citrix with no warning. We also uncovered an issue with sync status and it took 2 years for Marketo and Citrix to acknowledge the issue. We are being told it has been fixed but who knows.




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Re: On24 Good or Bad?

Axel Baran​,

Sorry, I have not.  I was removed from the selection process with my company, but helped on integration.

That piece, I will say, is superb!  Easy to set up trackable templates and reporting.

There is a need for a short wait step for {{webinar.url}} to sync, but not significant.  I think this is pretty standard with whomever you choose.


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Re: On24 Good or Bad?

I've used ON24 (in the past), and Go-to-Webinar currently. Both have worked well for me with out a problem. I don't work for either company.

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Re: On24 Good or Bad?

All systems have their pros and cons but if you're producing a high number of webinars, I would recommend On24.

You also made reference to polling questions. On24 has an integration service through Scribe, that can pass that information to Marketo.