{{member.webinar url}} token in Twilio SMS

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{{member.webinar url}} token in Twilio SMS

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Is anyone using Twilio SMS reminders for webinars and included the {{member.webinar url}} token in the body of the message? Our webinar attendance seems to not be fantastic, which might be webinar fatigue and all that, but we consistently see about 20% attendance. We didn't include the joining link in the calendar links until very recently so I can't confirm if there's been any improvement so far (first webinar using this is taking place at the end of the month). I was thinking however to include the joining link  in the Twilio SMS reminder we send 30 minutes before the start of the webinar to check if it would improve numbers at all. We only send the reminders to contacts based in the US and being based in the UK I can seem to be able to test the SMS reminder on myself. 


I would appreciate any suggestion if this might work or if it's not even worth further looking into.


Many thanks for your help, 


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Re: {{member.webinar url}} token in Twilio SMS

It’s a good idea to reach people (if they consent) via any means possible. I was just on a call today about sending Zoom reminders via SMS instead of just via email.


The only question is measuring who clicked on the link supplied via SMS vs. the same link in an email (also on a mobile device). It would be better to use a custom shortlink so you can measure the difference.