Re: Marketo is lagging behind

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Re: Marketo is lagging behind

Not only significant upgrades, minor ones too. They wanted to charge me to cap an event! an 8 year old requested feature!

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Re: Marketo is lagging behind

I have to agree to Diego's statement "Marketo is starting to disappoint". I feel that's perfectly worded.

We moved from Eloqua to Marketo in 2013. With conviction! We loved Marketo and its tokens and its program cloning and I've been a fiery Marketo ambassador ever since. But what has happened in the last years? To me it feels as if many features were released in version 1.0 but were never touched after that. The intentions were good, the initiatives founded in customer feedback, but the features missed critical updates to make them really, really good. Let's name some:

Engagement Programs - Good stuff, we use them heavily. But the Engagement Score doesn't work. At least if you're using programs within the engagement program (which I think you should).

Email Programs - okay. We are using them heavily as well.

Marketing Calendar - Man, this could have been great. But no program names on the calender? We just can't use it like that.

Email Insights - you can't subscribe to reports? Is this even out of beta?

MSI - did that get any update at all? Still program tokens don't render in Salesforce? It's so hard to convince sales to like MSI!


And I deeply agree with Greg's response regarding the so-called minor missing features (Hello non-deleteable overridden tokens!). You can't say "We like it!" and then don't do anything about them for 5 years.

So, yes. I am disappointed too.


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Re: Marketo is lagging behind

Regarding the email program, I think it's a great example of how Marketo was struggling with its direction, and tried to hobble together a flashy new feature rather than continuing to improve on their core platform. It's useful primarily for two things: A/B testing and sending in time-zone. Why not focus on incorporating those things into smart campaigns instead? For example, a "Send A/B Test" flow step, or an "Emails in time zone" option in the Schedule tab of a smart campaign?

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Re: Marketo is lagging behind

I just switched companies recently. My last company used Eloqua and my current company uses Marketo. I have to say that there were a handful of things that annoyed me, but overall, Eloqua was a great platform.

The reporting that Eloqua provides puts both Marketo (circa 2019) and Hubspot (circa 2017) to shame. Eloqua updated the editors in 2018 to be more contemporary. There is now a drag-and-drop responsive email editor and landing page editor. You still can't edit the HTML which bugged the heck out of me, but I will trade away my ability to edit HTML for the amazing reporting Eloqua provided.

I miss my Eloqua reporting.

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Re: Marketo is lagging behind

Marketo would be wise to encourage people to delelop on Marketo rather than try to do it all themselves. That's how SFDC has stayed ahead of the curve.

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Re: Marketo is lagging behind

It's 2019, where is the drag and drop editor? Or Visual flow paths? Or ANY kind of advanced reporting???

Also, who charges for SSL???

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Re: Marketo is lagging behind

I have to admit that getting charged for SSL, although a small charge compared to the overall contract, does sting. Security warnings on pages without SSL are now becoming standard across the web. It should be self-provisioning and default in new subscriptions. It's the kind of improvements they could use to justify that automatic contract increase at renewal...

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Re: Marketo is lagging behind

Marketo please provide API for following requirement.

We have one Email program and inside that we have two smart campaigns(announcement and newsletter). Currently we are sharing single email asset for both announcement and newsletter and due to that we are not getting correct report and analytics result. So that we tried to create separate asset for each daily announcement and newsletter using API.

But the main issue is even though we created new email asset for individual announcement / newsletter, FLOW step will have previous assigned email asset with email program and while scheduling it will send email with previous email asset body only and not with latest one. To send email with new we manually need to change FLOW step.

Is there any API provision like on the basis of programId, campaignId(announcement and newsletter) and email assetId we should change FLOW setting?

Please help because we are not getting expected result and solution from long time from Marketo.

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Re: Marketo is lagging behind

I'm shocked to hear that I need to parse CSV data when calling Bulk Extracts. How is Marketo no using the industry standard of formatting API Responses in JSON? It's pretty frustrating to deal with such an immature company.

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Re: Marketo is lagging behind

There are so many platforms that do parts of what Marketo does, better, but the unfortunate truth is that no single platform (in my opinion) has all of the engrained capabilities that makes Marketo...Marketo. That's the shame though, because that's what makes it feel like we're being held hostage. There are a TON of things that we continue to have to put up with just because for most of us there is no viable alternative without losing functionality we know and love.

Here are some things I see that should be quick wins given the modern technology that is available today that would at least show good faith that Marketo is trying to keep up with the usability features for marketers that we all know are possible:

- Drag and drop landing page builder (at the very least incorporate modules like emails. It's almost comical that emails have more flexibility now in Marketo than Landing Pages...)

- Find & replace in Landing Page Template editor (it's currently different than the email editor for some reason?)

- Better support for SVG's

- View all submissions for a form in chronological order (form submit log)

- Form actions without having to create a separate campaign

- Alert to not send an email from a smart campaign if it’s in draft mode

- Edit filenames in file manager

- Move files between folders without having to delete and re-upload

- Edit text files (css & js) directly within file manager

- View a contact and easily see what lists, smart lists, and campaigns they belong to without having to scrub through the activity log

- Approve snippets without having to close, refresh and THEN approve draft

I think it's simple things like this that cause most people to feel like Marketo is dating itself. Just my humble opinion πŸ™‚