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Marketo Internal training program


We are implementing Marketo and need to develop an internal training plan.  Does anyone have experience with this? Would be great if someone can share thoughts/best practices.


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Re: Marketo Internal training program

Hi Niti,

MKTO has a very good range of training documents and videos, which I suggest you put together for your training.

In terms of MKTO implementation training, here is a great link that explains every step that needs to be taken:

Setup Steps - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

In terms of further MKTO training on how to use the platform, here is a good link to start with:

Getting Started - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

I hope this helps you,


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Re: Marketo Internal training program

As mentioned the Product Documentation is very helpful! It can be a bit overwhelming but it was manageable for me to structure my learning around studying for the certification exam. I'm a visual learner so I learned by watching videos and then putting these ideas into practice in a sandbox environment.

I recommend watching the videos that Joe Reitz and other Marketo Champions have put together.

Videos: Marketo-Fu (Beginner)

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Re: Marketo Internal training program

I also have alot of materials on my site

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Re: Marketo Internal training program

Develop a Best Practices doc and make sure that everyone follows those standards. Ours has program naming and organization (including channel definitions), asset naming, program and campaign guidelines, how to use the changelog, etc. We also have a checklist doc for each type of program and everyone has to use it for every single program.

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Re: Marketo Internal training program

Hi Niti Shah​,

Many good suggestions in this thread. Two things I'd add:

1. Customize your training to your audience. End-users such as specialists and managers need to know different functionality compared to directors and VPs. Sales definitely needs different training than marketing.

2. Training is never over. In a previous role, training was a continuous part of my job as Marketo admin. Marketo is such a massive platform that it doesn't make sense to cover all everything in session - or even a month.

I'd be happy to chat more if you have other questions.

Best of luck!

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Re: Marketo Internal training program

Thank you, everyone. This is helpful.