MARKETO Dependencies and API's Synchronization Order.

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MARKETO Dependencies and API's Synchronization Order.

Hi All,

Can Anyone help me with Marketo Dependencies and API's sync order to be maintained while calling all API's. As I want to crawl/profile complete data from Marketo and Store in local Database like MySQL.


So, wanted to know about Sync order to be maintained like  : First All Leads should be fetched from Leads API then Company Changes should be fetched from Company API.


And Dependencies like Getting Activities with LeadIds by using API : /rest/v1/activities.json?leadIds={leadIds}

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Re: MARKETO Dependencies and API's Synchronization Order.

There's actually no single correct order because there's no synchronization: you're not snapshotting all the databases at one point in time.


If you download Leads first, you can have an activity log line for a Lead that was created after you finished downloading Leads.


Conversely, if you download Activities first, that doesn't mean there won't be new Activities logged for an existing lead while you're downloading Leads.


Also note the Activity Log is constantly backfilling as new Munchkin sessions are associated. The databases are constantly in motion.


That being said, I would typically go Leads → Companies → Activities for a given run, and explain the ramifications to those using your app.