Marketo and Project Tracking

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Marketo and Project Tracking

I'm am in the process of exploring options for tracking all my Marketo campaigns. I know different companies have different licenses/features within Marketo. To my knowledge, Marketo does not have a project tracking tool in which people can collaborate and check items off as they are completed. Having said this, I am curious to see what some of my colleagues are using in within the Marketo community and what are the reasons for choosing to use the same.

Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Re: Marketo and Project Tracking

I recommend LiquidPlanner for hardcore project types. I know of people who use Asana, Basecamp, or Trello. Depends how sophisticated you want to get.

Do you want other teams involved to do that collaboration?

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Re: Marketo and Project Tracking

Does Marketo offer an in-house project management tool?

Do you have any recommendations for a tool that can provide clear direction on workflows between the communications, graphic design, product marketing and marketing automation teams?

Tom Kerlin
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Re: Marketo and Project Tracking

I have used a host of these.

In addition, I've seen use of JIRA, and more recently Slack, but Slack is less sophisticated of a PM tool.

I come from the MS Project world, and during that part of my life was very regimented and needed strict dependencies and a tool that could intelligently shift timelines and adjust.

I have not seen such capabilities of any tools listed above, though my exposure is limited.