Marketing Suspended

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Marketing Suspended

Hi Everyone,

We just recently sent out a campaign, and today when we were running through our Marketing suspended data management campaign, over 2 million people qualified for marketing suspended True. These people have been marked true to be Marketing suspended, but they definitely should not be marked as marketing suspended. When we tried to turn these people from Marketing suspended true to false, all of these people got blocked in the smart campaign.

Does anyone know why this could be happening?

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Re: Marketing Suspended

Hi Nicole,

There could be a number of things going on here.

Sounds like one of your automated data management programs marked all these as marketing suspended, so you will have to locate and list out all the triggers that would activate this to discover the cause.

In terms of the changing them all back to marketing suspended false, I am wondering if you have a safe guard against running 2 million people through a smart campaign at once, your system could be aborting the campaign.  You can check that in the admin > smart campaign restrictions.

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Re: Marketing Suspended

Take a look at the activity logs to see what happened and why they got suspended.   Is there a Marketing Suspended Cause? Did the emails all bounce? What type of activity preceded the suspension?