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Manual Lead Creation In Marketo

Hello -

Looking for best practices on the below scenario.

A lead contacts us by submitting an email request. We need to manually enter this lead into Marketo to alert the appropriate Sales Team member.

1. If the lead already exists in Marketo, is there a way to auto merge these leads? Or would it be a manual process?

2. Where should the contents of the email inquiry go? Should a new task be created? If so, should this be done in Marketo or Salesforce?

3. If this is a new lead, what is the best way to automatically sync them to SFDC?



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Re: Manual Lead Creation In Marketo


When you say a lead contacts you via an email request, what do you mean specifically? They have directly sent your sales team an email?

1. You cannot auto-merge, the "Merge Leads" action under "Lead Actions" in a list view can only be done manually.

The best way to automate this to have the lead complete a contact us web form which de-dupes against your database and you won't need to manually create leads.

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Re: Manual Lead Creation In Marketo

HI Devraj -

Yes a lead contacts us via an email request. I am aware of the web form, but there are a few scenarios when a lead would email us directly. I am looking for best practices on how to handle this scenario.

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Re: Manual Lead Creation In Marketo

We've had this issue before too so I feel your pain.

And Devraj is right, long term you want to try and limit these, and funnel them to a form so auto dedupe can take place.

There may be some development that could automate this, but for us we had a junior seller receive the email, check to make sure this person was not already in Salesforce, and then create the lead, and assign it, also using the Notify user of lead assignment via email checkbox in salesforce.

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Re: Manual Lead Creation In Marketo

Many of our program templates include the ability to manually import members when the activity takes place outside of Marketo.  We have specific "campaign response" templates - Excel spreadsheets - created just for this.  The most common use-case is an event - where you import attendees post-event.  In our master "website contact-us" program, we have a smart campaign that listens for leads (both new and existing) that are imported into the program manually, with the following criteria:



Which then requests the main smart campaign for processing/routing just as if the lead had submitted the form on our website.