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Live with Launchpoint - Drift

Welcome to back to our latest series, Live with LaunchPoint! Here we introduce our amazing LaunchPoint Partnerswho help enhance Marketo Engage by building marketing apps specifically for the Marketo ecosystem.


In our third edition, we speak with Drift's Mark Kilens - VP of Content and Community, and Justin Bartels - Alliances Manager. Mark and Justin talk about how Drift helps businesses buy from businesses and the power of Marketo and Drift together. 


Interested in learning more? Check out Drift's LaunchPoint page here, and let us know which partners you'd like to see next!

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Re: Live with Launchpoint - Drift

Good to see the Launchpoint partner information. 

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Re: Live with Launchpoint - Drift

Love this idea! Interesting in seeing content from other Launchpoint partners as well!

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great way to round-out your engagement programs for people who "aren't quite ready"

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It's helpful to get a quick and easy description of what the Launchpoint partners do and an example use case. There is a lot of info to sift through on Launchpoint!

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Interesting Stuff. Thanks for sharing