Limited filters available in segmentation?

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Limited filters available in segmentation?

Hi all

Trying to set up a segment for 'Engaged' and 'Non-engaged'.


The idea is to track the this segment ongoing to measure overall engagement of our audience.

Ideally I'd like to do this via 'Visited website in past X days'.


When trying to to set up this segment it appears the filters are different to those available in 'marketing activities'?


Is there any reason why they are limited / different to the regular filter options available?




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Re: Limited filters available in segmentation?

Segmentations can't dynamically look back in the Activity Log, because that would mean that every logged activity — in fact, every tick of the clock — would potentially result in reassigning segments. The resource cost would be astronomical.


Segments are for static, or shall we say "stamped," factors of the lead. For example, you may choose to run a daily batch that looks back in the Activity Log for recent Visit Web Page activities and flips a Boolean field accordingly.  Then you can segment based on that field.

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Re: Limited filters available in segmentation?

There was a great San Diego MUG about this last week, @Keith_Nyberg called it "Segmentation Booster". You can use static lists to get around some of the limitations of segmentations. Create an operational program with smart campaigns (recurring batch or trigger, depending on your use case) that add/remove people to a static list. Reference that list in your segmentation. Boom!

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