Re: Lead Scoring for Recycled/Not Ready Leads

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Lead Scoring for Recycled/Not Ready Leads

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering how my peers handle lead scoring changes for individuals who were in MQL status but had their status changed to a "Not Ready/Recycle" type status. Is there a way to adjust their score so that they can MQL down the line when they are ready?


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Re: Lead Scoring for Recycled/Not Ready Leads

Hi Paul,

You can reduce the lead's score the same way that you would reduce the score if someone is inactive for a given period of time or does an undesired activity (you can find plenty of discussions on this if you search "lead score delay" in the community). You can trigger the decrease from a rep's action, for example changing lead status to not ready. The lead can continue engaging with content until he/she again hits your MQL threshold for being passed to sales. You can also create nurture streams based on the reason why a lead is being recycled. If you have a field like "recycled or disqualified reason," you can trigger someone into the approach nurture stream based on this data value change.

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Re: Lead Scoring for Recycled/Not Ready Leads

Hey Paul,

I totally agree with Sara's post. I can give you an example of how we handle this. One note: we use three Lead Scoring Fields: Demographic Score, Behavioral Score and Lead Score (total of the previous 2).

When a Rep changes a lead's status to "Remarketing" we set Behavioral Score = 0 and set the Lead Score to = Demographic Score (because their demographics haven't changed.). Using the {{lead.Demographic Score}} token in the Change Score flow step makes this pretty simple.

After that leads are ready to start rebuilding their Behavioral and overall Lead Scores.

Hope that helps. I'd love to hear how other people are handling this.